4th Croatian Symposium on Rare diseases and National Conference on Rare Diseases

Organized by Croatian Society for Rare Diseases of the Croatian Medical Association and Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases, the 4th Croatian Symposium on Rare Diseases and the National Conference on Rare Diseases with international participation were held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 12th and 13th February 2016 and gathered the most prominent experts from the field of rare diseases from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Denmark, Italy and other Eastern European countries.

The topics of the symposium and conference included issues such as health and welfare of patients in countries of the region, physical therapy, nursing and social care of patients, cross-border cooperation and the examples of good practice in Europe, while the participants were offered an expert insight in the actual current challenges regarding the diagnostics and treatment of the rare diseases and the rare diseases health services organization. The congress ended with a mini symposium on Dravet syndrome.

The InNerMed poster titled “Analysis of the composition of fatty acids in the diagnosis and monitoring of inherited disorders” by Croatian authors Delaš Ivančica, Petković Ramadža Danijela, Sarnavka Vladimir, Delaš Marija and Barić Ivo was presented at this conference, referencing the work of InNerMed Network.

Please click the following links to see the complete programme and the poster (in Croatian language).