Lug 2014


Rare Wednesdays at Horst Schmidt Klinik

Rare diseases are characterised not only by their low prevalence but also by their wide heterogeneity and complexity. They often show a broad clinical spectrum with respect to severity of symptoms, progression and age of onset. The identification of affected patients is therefore a...

Giu 2014


Join the Network!

We are pleased to invite you to Join the InNerMeD-I Network and to participate in our project activities as collaborating partner. InNerMeD is a European project, funded by the Executive Agency for Health & Consumers (DG-SANCO) under the Second Programme of Community action in...

Mag 2014


InNerMeD NCC Meeting

Valenzano, Bari (Tecnopolis), 30th May 2014 The InNerMeD meeting took place in Valenzano (Bari), at the Gianni Benzi Foundation (FGB) ’s operative office in Tecnopolis, on May 30th 2014. It was aimed at discussing in details the work packages advancement status and the Partners...

Mag 2014


FDA approval for Vimizim to treat Morquio A Syndrome

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (“BioMarin”) and FDA announced the approval of a Biologics License Application (BLA) for VIMIZIM (elosulfase alfa), a new biological product for patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA, also known as “Morquio A syndrome”, a rare inherited, severely debilitating and progressive neurometabolic disease...

Mar 2014


EEG and epileptology in developmental age

Teaching course with international participationAn interesting teaching course with international participation titled “EEG and epileptology in developmental age” was organised by the Croatian Paediatric Neurology Society. The course, held at the Croatian Medical Association from 27-29 March 2014, in Zagreb (Croatia), explored several aspects...

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