The general objective of the InNerMeD project is to increase the current knowledge on iNMDs, speed up the timely and precise identification of patients, who thus may benefit from the available (experimental and marketed) treatments, and also favour biomedical research.

This will be achieved by reducing the fragmentation of on-going efforts and information in the relevant fields of the project as well as by creating a critical mass of multi specialist knowledge to disseminate.

In particular, the objectives of the project are:

  1. to create an Information Network aimed at:
    • increasing awareness on these rare conditions among physicians, patients and general stakeholders to  anticipate diagnosis and, when available, supply an adequate therapy;
    • strengthening research capacities and foster technological innovation in favour of the population affected by iNMDs;
    • provide practical support for sharing experiences at global levels on iNMDs;
    • disseminate knowledge on clinical and experimental approaches for diagnosis and treatment of iNMDs, in order to make patients and families empowered and aware as real actors for the correct management of the disease.
  2. To create a web-based platform with user-friendly access in which validated information on iNMDs, therapies, diagnosis and research will be collected, shared and then disseminated to the Network participants and stakeholders. The Platform will also act to connect the Network nodes, to stimulate collaborative working and to promote the networking activities.