Work Package Leader: Brains for Brain Foundation (B4B)

WP1 is aimed at providing the overall scientific strategy and coordination to the project and at taking actions to make sure that it is implemented as planned.

The figures that will assure the best scientific, administrative and technical coordination and management of the project are:

  • The Network Coordination Committee (NCC) is the decision making body and consists of one representative from each partner and the Project Manager; it is chaired by the Project Coordinator (Prof. M. Scarpa). NCC is in charge of preparing the work plans, closely monitor integration activities, joint research in order to ensure that the network is operating effectively and confirm that milestones and deliverables are being achieved (or recommend corrective action if necessary).
  • The Project Manager (PM), Fedele Bonifazi, is supported by a Project Management Team (PMT) and is in charge of organising the partnership, monitoring the project’s results and managing administrative, contractual and legal issues. This activity includes:
    • an internal communication plan to promote and facilitate effective communication among partners and to closely monitor project progress by a direct and constant contact with WP leaders
    • a risk management plan to identify, assess and follow-up possible threats to the objectives fulfilment;
    • a change management plan to provide project modification when needed.
  • An Advisory Committee (AC) aimed at providing input to the NCC or to produce opinions, if requested, on issues of Network’ pertinence. AC Members are external experts and provide input for the appraisal of documents and recommendations.

NCC, PMT and AC follow confidentiality and personal data protection provisions in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC.