Work Package Leader: Brains for Brain Foundation (B4B)

Since getting dissemination and exploitation right is a challenge and since the InNerMeD project intends to spread its results and enlarge its Network, WP2 deals with dissemination activities and is aimed at taking actions to ensure that the results and deliverables of the project are made availableto the target groups. In particular a dissemination plan has been developed to identify and organise communication activities to be performed in the framework of the InNerMeD project with the following purposes:

  • to raise awareness of the project, its activities and outcomes, in order to build an identity known by all the stakeholders;
  • to organisze communication activities aimed to help general public in understanding the project’s work;
  • to engage scientific community and civil society to get input and feedback.

Furthermore, the following tools will guarantee the proper dissemination of InNerMeD results:

  • a project leaflet with the aim to communicate project objectives and activities and to make different stakeholders aware about InNerMeD, its objectives and potentialities and, on the other hand, to provide patients and their families with appropriate and patient-friendly information on iNMDs;
  • a project website with the aim to disseminate outputs and results and to be the project’s interface to the public;
  • a layman’s version of the final project report with the aim to reach and inform a large target audience, and especially the lay community, about the results achieved by the project;
  • a pilot e-learning course dealing with LSDs for both health professionals and patients will be disseminated integrating the most recent advancements in the NMDs field.