Work Package Leaders: University of Zagreb, School of Medicine (UZSM)

The development of iNMDs Network is one of the core objectives of InNerMeD. To achieve this, the InNerMeD work group dedicated to Networking (Work Package 4) aims to organise and sustain a series of networking activities to increase knowledge and awareness in the field of iNMDs and to share and spread up updated information and best practices within and outside the network.

To reach these purposes, an enlarged network will be established with all the associated and collaborating partners. They will contribute with their expertise and long-lasting experiences in the field of iNMDs and with their consolidated networking capacity to  the involvement of other people and organisations (scientists and experts, reference centres, paediatric scientific associations, existing networks, patients associations, national and European health institutions, Ethics Bodies, companies) having both interest and competences in the project’s activities.

In order to ensure efficient communication within the project and with stakeholders outside the project and to raise awareness about the projects results, specific networking activities (meeting, periodical newsletter, workshops)  will be foreseen  and disseminated through this website.